Steven Kapp Perry

Steve is an award-winning songwriter, playwright, and broadcaster who has written for National Geographic, Deseret Book, and many other companies.  After many years on the KSL Sunday radio show "Soft Sunday Sounds", Steven currently can be heard on BYU Classical 89.

His love of church history developed over the years while researching and writing stage musicals and albums on subjects ranging from the Utah Pioneers to the Book of Mormon and the New Testament.  Steve has been guiding LDS Church History tours and Holy Land tours for Morris Murdock for years, and those who tour with Steve and his wife Johanne (a noted singer and actress) always remark on their personal care and attention to each group member, their use of inspiring music, and the moments they take to open the scriptures and share the historical details and insights that make each stop more meaningful.

Steve and his wife Johanne love the gospel of Jesus Christ, church history, each other, and whichever of their four children has a current scholarship.

Comments from past tour members:

"I will never forget that incredible country. Every time I hear news about it, my ears prick up and the memories and tears come flooding back. I have been privileged to travel to many places but nothing has affected me quite like Israel. Thank you so much for making that possible." -Wendy W.

"Our family want to take a moment to congratulate you on your services. We recently participated in the Fall Church History Site tour with host Steven Kapp Perry. We cannot emphaise enough the value Steven and his wife Johanne added to the tour. The quality of his preparations and calibre of his presentations were excellent. His  attention to detail and personal focus on the individual were outstanding. Thank you for a rewarding and fulfilling experience."  - G Adams

"This was our second tour--not a decision made hastily, but with perfect knowledge that we would have a great experience in the hands of these two amazing guides. Our second trip was, like the first, perfect in every way. We give Morris Murdock, Steve and Asher our highest rating: 15 on a 1-10 scale!" - D Ladle