Craig Ostler

Craig James Ostler has been a religious educator for nearly twenty years with seminaries and institutes and the last twenty-plus years as a professor at Brigham Young University. He, his wife, Sandy, and family have lived in Jerusalem, while he served on the faculty of the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies in 1998 and again in 2008. As well as a scholar of the scriptures, he is also an author of many articles and books. He has taught BYU Continuing Education classes for adults and BYU Education Week. He has served as a bishop and a High Counselor. He and his wife have 7 children and eight grandchildren and counting.

He officially joined the BYU Religious Education Faculty in 1995 after completing a PhD. in Family Studies. Previously he taught for 15 years in the Church Education System. Dr. Ostler is currently the Teaching Fellow for Religious Education. He served a mission to Bogota, Colombia and soon afterward married Sandy Owen of Portland, Oregon. They are the parents of seven children and reside in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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