2023 Journeys of the Ancient Apostles Turkey, Greece and Rome with Dann and Shirley Hone

Dates September 9-23, 2023
Destination Athens, Greece; Kusadasi, Turkey; Rhodes, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Delphi, Greece Thessaloniki, Greece Rome, Italy; United States
Duration 16 days 15 nights
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We invite you to join this inspirational journey with favorite tour host, Dann Hone, to study the settings and teachings of Peter, John, and Paul in Greece, Turkey, and Rome!

This tour takes you to the very locations where all of their New Testament letters were originally written.  Experience sailing on the Aegean Sea stopping at five of its islands and stand in the Roman Theater where Paul preached to the Ephesians, traverse the Isle of Patmos where John received the Revelation, and visit the locations of Peter’s final testimonies. 

All of this and much more of the ancient and modern history and cultures of Greece, Turkey, Rhodes, and Rome will be part of this exciting adventure.

*Please note that while the physical activity on this tour (walking distances) is not significant, the days are full of touring from breakfast to dinner time with "down-time" only in the evening.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • 1 tour-bus experience for the whole tour!
  • Morris Murdock LDS tour Director for the whole trip along with local guides who are experts in each of country
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded travel agency with over 60 years of experience!! YES, IT MATTERS!

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Day 1-2: Saturday-Sunday, September 9-10

Depart the USA to Athens

Depart the USA and arrive in Athens.  Motor coach transfer to our hotel for dinner and overnight in Athens. 

Meals : Dinner
Day 3: Monday, September 11

Athens - Lavrio port - Mykonos

We transfer to the Lavrio port and embark on 4-day cruise.  We will sail the Aegean waters of the Mediterranean Sea Paul, Timothy, Luke, Barnabas, John, Peter, and other early leaders of 1st Century Christianity sailed as they made their many missionary journeys.  In the afternoon, we sail to the rocky Greek Island of Mykonos, known for producing manganese, barley, wine, and figs. Our walking tour will start from the port to island’s traditional center. We will photo blue domed Agios Nikolaos church, and the famous windmills, see little Venice, medieval two-story houses and wander in the island’s narrow streets.  Its narrow lanes provide innumerable ways of losing oneself.  Of the many little churches erected from the proceeds of fishing and piracy, the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, near the quay, is typically picturesque.  You may also catch a view of the three celebrated windmills with their small triangular sails. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4: Tuesday, September 12

Kusadasi (Ephesus) - Patmos

We arrive in the morning to the Turkish port of Kusadasi and transfer to the archaeological site of Ephesus where we will explore the ruins of this great city of the ancient world, which was capital of the Roman province of Asia and a powerful commercial center. The excavated ruins of the city are among the most extensive and well-preserved in the world. This famous city was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the great Temple of Artemis. Paul spent more than three years in Ephesus and John also spent time here. This is also considered one of the possible burial site of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. We will walk through the marble streets of this city and see the ruined library, baths, latrines, marketplace, temples, and the huge theater mentioned in chapter 19 of Acts. The community of Christians at Ephesus was one of the seven churches of Asia addressed by John; from here Paul wrote many of his letters that are contained in the New Testament to the saints throughout the cities of his journeys. In the afternoon we arrive to the Isle of Patmos, called the Jerusalem of the Aegean, we will start driving around the island and will stop at the Monastery of St. John. After visiting here, we will drive to the Cave of Apocalypse which is the home to the birth of Book of Revelation. Here the Apostle John was a prisoner upon the isle.  As we complete our visit here, we will drive back to island’s main port to browse along the shopping area on the island before going back to our ship.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 5: Wednesday, September 13


Our ship arrives at the port of Rhodes, where one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World once stood. The huge statue known as the Colossus of Rhodes may have straddled the entrance to the harbor before it collapsed in an earthquake in 227-226 B.C. Located between Crete and Asia Minor, the island of Rhodes was the gateway to the Aegean. The fourth largest of the Greek Islands, Rhodes has had a long and tumultuous history. The numerous harbors on the island made Rhodes an ideal transit point for shipping in the ancient world. The island averages 300 days of sunshine per year and is famous for its clean, sandy beaches. It is named after the nymph Rhodos, the daughter of Aphrodite.  The Apostle Paul visited Rhodes on his third missionary journey to Jerusalem towards the end of his ministry. It also figures prominently in the journeys of Herod the Great, who, after Mark Antony’s defeat at Actium in 31 BC, returned to Rhodes to profess his loyalty to Caesar Augustus. The emperor confirmed Herod’s rule and honored him. Herod rebuilt the temple of Apollo Pythios on Rhodes. The Crusaders of the Hospice of St. John built here, and Suleiman the Magnificent added to the walls of the fortress you see in the city. You may explore and shop in the city, and there is great swimming on the beach. Some may wish to visit the Crusader Fortress. After our visit we board our ship and to sail to Crete

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 6: Thursday, September 14

Heraklion - Santorini

We will walk together from the Cretan port to see major highlights of Heraklion seeing the Venetian and Ottoman monuments of the past, Byzantine red brick buildings and modern condominiums. Heraklion is the capital of the Greek island of Crete. It’s known for the Palace of Knossos, just outside the city. The huge archaeological site dates back thousands of years to the Minoan civilization and includes frescoes and baths. Guarding the city’s Venetian port is the 16th-century Koules fortress. After our visit we will return to the port and board our cruise ship. We will then sail into the flooded volcanic crater of Santorini and disembark on one of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular islands. We will initially purchase our cable car tickets to go up to Oya. We will be walking in the famous village of Oya, most famous with its whitewashed houses and blue domed church. After our free time in the village, we will take the cable car to go back to the port. [Note: The cable car ticket is not included and will be paid on spot by the guests.] 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 7: Friday, September 15

Corinth - Athens - Acropolis - Mars Hill

Ending our journey on the cruise vessel, we will meet our bus and travel to ancient Corinth, the Athens Acropolis, and Mars Hill. Our first stop will be in the ancient city of Corinth to discuss the work of Paul where he spent more than 2 years of his missionary journeys. We will walk through the market and see one of the earliest Greek temples as well as the museum. Following the Corinthian Canal on our return to Athens, we will retrace Paul’s footprints on to Mars Hill, where Paul gave his sermon to the Athenians. We will continue on to the Acropolis, where Athena was given her temple robes.  We will see the Erechtheum, commemorating the site where legend claims Athena had a contest with Poseidon.  If time permits, we will also visit the National Archaeology Museum to see artifacts related to many of the sites that we have visited.  Our dinner and overnight will be in our Athens’ hotel. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 8: Saturday, September 16

Delphi - Thermopylae - Kalambaka

We will enjoy the beautiful Greek countryside as we drive to Delphi, probably the most beautiful ancient Greek city and also the most famous site in classical Greece.  Delphi is the home of the Sanctuary of Apollo, where people came to consult the oracle who answered in great ambiguity. At Delphi we will see and hear Greek history as we visit the site and walk through the Delphi museum.  We continue on to Kalambaka. On our way, we will stop at Thermopylae, famous for its heroic defense by Leonidas against the Persian army. This afternoon, if time permits, we will visit an icon-painting workshop and discover the ancient traditions behind the sacred images used in Orthodox Byzantine devotional tradition. Dinner and overnight in Kalambaka. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 9: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Meteora - Thessaloniki

Marvel at the hanging monasteries of Meteora (UNESCO Heritage site). These dark, sandstone pinnacles rise abruptly from the plain of Thessaly, with 6 historic monasteries perched upon their peaks. Beginning in the 10th century, hermits, monks, and ascetics sought solitude and spiritual solace in these dramatic crags. We hope to visit two amazing Meteora monasteries which are renowned for their intricate construction and exquisite Byzantine art. Your day ends in Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city. Founded in 315 B.C., Thessaloniki was an early center for Christianity. Paul visited and preached here during the winters of A.D. 49-50 and wrote 2 epistles to the ancient Thessalonians. Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 10: Monday, September 18

Kavala - Philippi - Thessaloniki

Today we travel to the coastal town of Kavala where Paul, accompanied by Silas, Luke and Timothy, first set foot on European soil. In nearby Philippi, Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe, planting the seeds of Christianity. We will tour of this historic town featuring the archaeological site and monuments spanning the Ancient Roman and Byzantine eras. See the dungeon where Paul was held prisoner and the site where he baptized Lydia, the first Christian in Europe.  Philippi has a very special spiritual feeling hallowed by the righteousness of the first Christian converts here. We return to Thessaloniki for dinner and overnight. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 11: Tuesday, September 19

Thessaloniki - Rome - Abbazia delle Tre Fontane - Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls - Church of the Domine Quo Vadis (Catacombs)

Travel from Thessaloniki on an inspirational journey to Rome and experience fascinating religious sites connected to the life of the Apostles Paul and Peter. In the morning we will transfer to the Thessaloniki airport for our flight to Rome.  Arriving in Rome, we transfer to the city center. En route we will visit the Abbazia delle Tre Fontane (Three Fountains), built on the believed site of Paul's martyrdom. At the nearby Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, take time to meditate on the Apostle's tomb. Afternoon we plan to visit of the Church of Domine Quo Vadis (Catacombs), one of Rome's sixty Catacombs. It was in these underground tunnels that early Christians hid and buried their dead.  Transfer to our hotel for dinner and overnight in Rome. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 12: Wednesday, September 20

Rome - Colosseum - Roman Forum - Mamertine Prison - Church of San Paolo alla Regola

We begin the day with a guided tour of Colosseum, which was inaugurated in AD 80, this 50,000-seat amphitheater once staged violent games of fighting gladiators and wild animals, enjoyed by all classes of Roman society.  Back outside, the Colosseum our exploration of Ancient Rome continues with a visit to the nearby Roman Forum, once the social, political and commercial hub of the Roman Empire. We will tour around this unrivalled archaeological area and enjoy views of important historical sites including the Curia, the Temple and House of Vestals, funeral altar of Julius Caesar, Arch of Titus and much more. In the afternoon we visit the Mamertine Prison, where Paul was arrested, bound in chains and executed. Then we will visit the Church of San Paolo alla Regola, believed to be the place where Paul lived which was only later transformed in an oratory and then in a church. It was in this place that Paul apostle wrote many of the letters contained in the New Testament. Transfer to our hotel for dinner and overnight in Rome. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 13: Thursday, September 21

Rome - Vatican Museums - Sistine Chapel - St. Peter's Church - Trevi Fountain - Pantheon - Piazza Navona

In the morning guided tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Church. At the Vatican, located near the River Tiber and residence of the Roman Catholic Pope, you will find the Vatican Museums. Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century, the Vatican Museums boast one of the world's greatest art collections. Apart from art, archeology and ethno-anthropology works such as Egyptian mummies, Etruscan bronzes, the Vatican Museums also contain some of the most artistically significant rooms like the ones frescoed by Raphael, and the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. Our visit to St. Peter's Basilica, one of the largest religious buildings in the world, we will meander along towering marble columns and admire the Pieta, Michelangelo's renowned sculpture. Pause for a moment of reflection by the Confessio, the sunken area directly in front of the tomb of the Apostle Peter and which is dedicated to the Peter’s Confession of faith that led to his martyrdom. In the afternoon we take a walking tour to see the Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s greatest attractions, standing 26 meters tall, and 49 meters wide, it is an unmissable sight in the city.  No matter how little you know about this fountain, we can guess you’ll know about the coin tradition. Being one of the most popular tourist experiences in all of Rome. The ritual involves visitors to hold a coin, turn away from the fountain, and toss the coin over their shoulder and into the fountain. The legend states that if your throw one coin into the water, it guarantees your return to Rome, whereas two coins mean you’ll return and fall in love, and three means you’ll return, fall in love, and get married. The Pantheon is not only the best-preserved ancient Roman monument in the world, but it’s also the most copied. It was constructed as a temple dedicated to the Gods and became the burial ground for several important people including famous artists and kings, such as Raphael, the famed Renaissance painter, and the tombs of the first two kings of unified Italy: Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I. In Ancient Rome, the Piazza Navona was a stadium built during Emperor Domitian's rule (AD  81 to 96). We finish the day with a transfer to our hotel for dinner and overnight in Rome. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 14: Friday, September 22

LDS Rome Italy Temple - or Open Day for Personal Touring

For those who choose, we will take the opportunity to visit the LDS Rome Italy Temple in the morning.  The Rome Italy Temple was the thirteenth temple built on the continent of Europe and the first built in the country of Italy.  After a memorable journey following the ancient apostles of Jesus Christ’s Day, this is a special opportunity for covenant renewals as we visit and participate in sacred ordinances.  The time in the afternoon and evening is yours to explore more of the Eternal City on your own. This is also a time to reflect on the many experiences and knowledge one has gained during or 13 days of travel together.  Dinner and overnight will be at our hotel in Rome. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 15: Saturday, September 23

Rome - Leonardo da Vinci International Airport - USA

Today we say arrivederci to Rome as we head to the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino (FCO) for our flight to the USA, expecting to arrive the next day.

Meals : Breakfast

Included in the tour:

  • Deluxe motor coach transportation
  • 3 night cruise with Celestial Cruise Line, Inside cabin.  (upgrades available, see below)
  • LDS guide and Local Guides
  • Hotel accommodations in 4-star hotels
  • Sightseeing tours as outlined on the itinerary
  • Entrance fees and gratuities as listed
  • All breakfasts and most dinners during the land portion

Price does NOT include:

  • Airfare from Salt Lake City to Athens, then Rome to Salt Lake City: $TBA
  • Additional possible airfare from cities other than Salt Lake City
  • Sightseeing not included on the itinerary
  • Additional hotel accommodations if needed
  • Items of a personal nature (i.e., phone calls, room service, emails, etc.)
  • Lunches (and one or two dinners)
  • Travel Insurance (Highly recommended)


  • $4637 per person double occupancy- Inside Cabin
  • $6156 per person single occupancy- Inside Cabin
  • Upgrade to Outside Cabin- $230 per person
  • $500 deposit per person due at booking
  • Cash discount $ 100.00 pp

The final Payment is due May 22, 2023