Jared and Margaret Ludlow

Jared and Margaret Ludlow

Jared and Margaret Ludlow love to travel together and experience new places, foods, cultures, and sacred sites. They both love the scriptures and try to appreciate not only their teachings, but the people and places in them.

They have spent two years in the Holy Land with Jared teaching study abroad groups there. They have loved sharing the Holy Land and many other travel experiences with their five children.

Jared has been teaching in the Ancient Scripture Department at BYU since 2006. Jared received his bachelor’s degree from BYU in Near Eastern Studies, his master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Biblical Hebrew, and his PhD in Near Eastern Religions from UC-Berkeley and the Graduate Theological Union. His primary research interests are in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity.

Margaret received her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and has taught piano for over twenty years. She is currently the Academic Programs Manager in the Physics and Astronomy Department at BYU.

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