Stewart Glazier

Although Stewart Glazier has directed Travel Study programs for over 20 years, he insists that his "next visit is always his first visit." It is this enthusiasm, coupled with a tremendous knowledge of the scriptures and a genuine concern for others that prompts those traveling with Brother Glazier to say things such as, "I am in awe of his store of knowledge and his patience, energy, and compassion."

Brother Glazier has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish education and general science from Arizona State University. He received his master’s degree in recreational education from BYU. He has also completed many hours in graduate scripture study with the Church Educational System. Brother Glazier has taught seminary and institute classes plus many Continuing Education classes.

Brother Glazier married Sandra Rushton in Mesa, Arizona, in 1963. They have eight children. Brother Glazier has a special interest in Wyoming and the Mormon Trail, Israel, and Spanish and Latin America. He enjoys gardening.

Brother Glazier has served as a mission president in Chile and recently in the Dominican Republic. His ability to use the scriptures to bring significant sites and events to life has blessed the lives of many people through the years. He has said, "I enjoy directing participants into the scriptures so as to help them discover personal insights relevant to themselves and their challenges." Truly, his joy as a director comes from providing insights into the scriptures for those who travel with him.

Stewart Glazier's Current Tours: