Dean Marriott

Dr. L. Dean Marriott has taught the Life of Jesus from Holy Scripture to thousands of students at BYU, Univ. of Utah and other colleges for over 30 years. His love of the scriptures and knowledge of biblical locations enables him to present a powerful and unique holy land experience for the many travelers on the tours he directs.

His well-planned itinerary is not a typical drive-by tour of the holy lands. It attempts to provide interactive scriptural experiences by (1) placing participants at the actual scriptural settings of events in the sequence they were experienced by Jesus, (2) staying at on-site guesthouses (in Galilee at water's edge, and inside old Jerusalem adjacent to the wailing wall, etc.), (3) walking in the very pathways of Jesus (down the Mt. of Olives into the Old City, then following his footsteps from the pavement stones where he was scourged to the crucifixion site at Golgatha then to the Garden Tomb, etc.), (4) experiencing special settings (including a twilight devotional at Bethlehem's shepherd's field, a Passover style meal in an upper room inside the old city, followed by evening reflection in the Garden of Gethsemane). Other Bible events shared at appropriate times.

Dean Marriott's Current Tours: