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Take your Bible study to a new level by taking a virtual step back in time to Jerusalem. With the free Virtual New Testament App you can now digitally walk where Jesus walked, whether with us on tour or from the comfort of your couch. The scripture stories that took place in Jerusalem will become more understandable, memorable, and impactful when you can visualize where these events occurred. The app allows you to visit key locations around the ancient city of Jerusalem. It will also allow you to take a ground-level walk-through of the Temple Mount with its expansive Courts (Gentiles, Women, Israelites, and Priests). Walk into the Temple’s Sanctuary with its Holy Place that includes the menorah, altar of incense, and table of shewbread. Walk through the veil and see the Holy of Holies, symbolic of the presence of God. Even better than visiting these sites virtually, is to the Holy Land with the app in hand to compare the ruins and sites in front of you with how they might have looked 2,000 years ago. The stories will become more real. The principles and doctrines they contain will become more relatable and your appreciation for the Savior’s perfect life and infinite atonement can increase.

Morris Murdock Escorted Tours Tour Director Tyler Griffin, a BYU professor of Ancient Scripture, was a co-creator of the Virtual New Testament App. He co-founded BYU’s Virtual Scriptures Group (VSG) which creates digitally immersive scripture tools to enhance understanding and deepen conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ through a deeper, more immersive study of the scriptures. All VSG products are free and can be found at The NT app can also be downloaded from the Google Play and iOS stores.

Join Tyler and his wife, Kiplin, on an exciting tour of the Holy Land this coming year! These are life-changing trips that you don’t want to miss.

2024 Insights into the Holy Land Tour with John A. Valletta, Scott Read & John Lawson from 3,699
2024 Insights into the Holy Land Tour with John A. Valletta, Scott Read & John Lawson

DestinationTel Aviv; Nazareth; Jerusalem; Galilee; Bethlehem; Qumran;

Category:  Holy Lands

Duration11 days 10 nights