Trevan G. Hatch

Dr. Trevan G. Hatch is the Ancient Scripture specialist in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University, and he is also an adjunct instructor in the department of Ancient Scripture. Dr. Hatch holds a B.A. in History at Brigham Young University, an M.A. in Jewish Studies at Baltimore Hebrew University / Towson University, a PhD in Sociology of Religion at Louisiana State University, and is currently finishing a second doctoral degree in Jewish Studies with an emphasis in Bible and Early Judaism at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. He also studied at two universities in Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of the Holy Land.

Dr. Hatch’s current research interests are on the Jewish background of Jesus, the Mount of Olives, and religious & spiritual tourism. His work on religion has appeared in several national journals. Dr. Hatch is the author and editor of several books for both national presses and Mormon presses including, The Stranger in Jerusalem: Seeing Jesus in His Jewish Context (2018); When the Lights Came On: Joseph Smith and the Return of Heavenly Manifestations (2016); Divine Jealousy: What Mormons Can Learn From Jews (2019, coedited with prominent Jewish scholar Dr. Leonard Greenspoon at Creighton University), and Remembering the Chosen: Judaism in the Mormon Experience, 1820–2020 (edited with Dr. Chris Blythe and Dr. Andy Reed, both at BYU).

Customer Reviews:

"We thank Trevan so much for a trip of a lifetime! I loved the experience and deeply appreciated the way he taught us so much about the Saviors life. The book prepared was and is an invaluable resource. I loved that he began the experience by emphasizing that he would focus on the context of the Bible and not force spirituality, recognizing that the spiritual experiences would come to each individual differently. Each day masterfully built upon the previous day(s), culminating in the life and mission of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives. We have shared the information we learned with many of our friends and they are amazed—especially by his prepared tour book. Many of our friends have asked if he is doing another tour."
- Bryce and Shauna

"We really enjoyed our trip. We learned so much. We had many spiritual experiences in many of the places we visited. We loved being up on the mountains looking over the countryside and having Trevan tell us about the history in the lands below us. I thought all trips to Israel would be the same as ours was. Now I am learning ours was unique. . I loved it! I liked our intimate settings and scriptural readings he created for us."
- John and Donna Wollenzien