Eric Dowdle

Renowned folk artist Eric Dowdle captivates people of all ages with the wit, charm, and detail which is portrayed in his artwork. His quirky and infectious personality is represented in his collection of hundreds of scenes from the United States, and around the world. These paintings are highly valued by collectors and are distributed as high-quality prints, puzzles, and gifts.

Eric began painting in his early twenties and after just one year of college decided to part ways to “make something happen!” Making things happen is exactly what Eric has done and continues to do. Painting, exploring, and working day and night to expand his collection of distinctive folk art paintings is his passion.

As he has traveled the world to do research for his paintings, Eric has been exposed to numerous peoples and cultures. Since 2012, he has shared these experiences on the radio program “Traveling with Eric Dowdle” which is found weekly on Sirius XM 143. Eric and his team are currently in production for the television series “Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle” which premiered on public television in 2015. Check your local listings and find additional content on our website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Being an artist is not just a job to Eric. It is a lifestyle in which he can connect with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Of all these travels to vast and beautiful places, his favorite is his home in Utah with his wife and five children.

Eric Dowdle's Current Tours: