September 21-October 5, 2024 - Hosted by Michael Phillips

Visit: Madrid, Segovia, Coimbra, Lisbon, Seville, Gibraltar, Alhambra, Toledo & more

Price: From $4,595 pp/dbl

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Spain and Portugal, where history, art, and culture intertwine to create a tapestry of unparalleled beauty and richness. Our journey through these two Iberian gems promises to be a transformative experience led by tour maestro, Michael Phillips. While on tour you will delve deep into the heart of the region's artistic legacy and cultural heritage.

As we embark on this extraordinary adventure, you'll find yourself transported back in time to eras of grandeur and innovation. From the poetic landscapes of the Alhambra to the charming neighborhoods of Lisbon, every step you take will be a brushstroke on the canvas of history. Our tour is a celebration of creativity, a tribute to the minds and hands that have shaped Spain and Portugal's identity. We'll explore renowned museums, wander through charming cobblestone streets, and admire the intricate details of historic landmarks. We'll savor the flavors of authentic Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, witness flamenco performances, and hear the soulful melodies of Fado music.

But it's not just about the past. Our journey will also bring us face-to-face with the contemporary art scenes in bustling cities like Madrid and Lisbon. We'll meet local artisans, discover hidden gems, and learn about the living traditions that continue to define these vibrant cultures. In Spain and Portugal, the past and the present are inextricably linked, and our tour aims to unravel this connection. So, whether you're an art aficionado, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of different cultures, this adventure promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • 1 tour-bus experience for the whole tour!
  • Morris Murdock LDS tour Director for the whole trip along with local guides
  • Pre-Departure Zoom seminars to help prepare you for an unforgettable experience
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded travel agency with 60 years of experience!! IT MATTERS!

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