Israel and Jordan December Holy Land Tour with Del & Cherrie Clark

Dates December 6-18, 2018
Destination Tel Aviv; Nazareth; Galilee; Capernaum; Jericho; Masada; Bethlehem; Jerusalem; Dead Sea Jordan Petra, Jordan; Amman, Jordan;
Duration 12 days 12 nights
Price From 2,680
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Del ClarkWe invite you to come with us to Israel and Jordan with December with Del Clark & his wife, Cherrie.   It's a wonderful time to see the Holy Land AND this experience will help you prepare for your Christmas holiday as you celebrate the birth of our Savior! 

On this tour you will travel to the seaports of Joppa and Caesarea, to the top of Mount Carmel and Mary’s well in Nazareth.  While visiting the sacred sights of Israel you will read of the first miracle in Cana, sit in the synagogue in Capernaum and discuss miracles and parables around the shore of Galilee. Quote the "Beatitudes" from the Mount which overlooks the Sea which Jesus calmed and shout the "Blessing and Cursing" from Ebal and Gerizim. Drink from Jacob’s well and sip from the springs Elisha made sweet in Jericho. Take a dip in the Jordan River and float in the Dead Sea, before walking your way down into the tomb of Lazarus.  To end your amazing trip in Israel, you will retrace the footsteps of the Savior’s last week in Jerusalem.  Next you will enhance your experience with a stay in Jordan! On this exciting portion of the tour you will visit Mount Nebo where Moses viewed the Promised Land, see the beautiful mosaic map of ancient Israel in Madaba, explore the wondrous ruins of one of the NEW 7 Wonders of the World at Petra and the impressive Greek & Roman ruins at Jerash.

There are so many wondrous sights and sacred places in Israel and Jordan that you will visit that these places will become more sacred to you as they are to Del and Cherrie.  

Both the Clarks have spent many years teaching LDS Doctrine. Del in Institutes and Cherrie through the seminary system.  They have traveled extensively through the Middle East for many years and love to show people the places they are so passionate about. For a message from the Clark's, go to the Main Tab on the Landing Page on our web-site and under Blogs read more about why this tour is so special!

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Day 1/2: Thur-Friday, Dec 6 and 7

U.S.A. - Transatlantic Flight to Tel Aviv

We will depart from Salt Lake City (or an airport near you) for our overnight flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, and arrive Friday afternoon. We will meet in the airport lobby to board our bus, drive into Tel Aviv, and check in to the Metropolitan Hotel for the night in time for a walk along the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Meals : Dinner
Day 3: Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

Jaffa - Caesarea - Mount Carmel - Megiddo - Nazareth

We begin our tour in the port of Old Jaffa to read the account of Jonah on the Sea (Jonah 1–2) and Peter’s vision on the rooftop of Simon the tanner’s home (Acts 10) that would take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Traveling north along the coast of the Mediterranean, we arrive at Caesarea, the Roman capital at the time of Jesus. Walking through the amphitheater, hippodrome, and coliseum give us a feel for Roman splendor in the first century. Caesarea is also the home of the first Gentile convert, Cornelius (Acts 10) and where Paul delivered his famous speeches in the royal court (Acts 23–26). Next, we drive to the top of Mount Carmel to Muhraka, the site of Elijah’s spectacular confrontation with the prophets of Baal. Looking out to the Jezreel Valley we are reminded of other dramatic events in the ministry of Elijah. Below, we stop at Tel Megiddo and 25 layers of history. This is also the battlefield for Armageddon (Revelation 16–18). Arriving in the bustling city of Nazareth and boyhood home of Jesus, we will experience first-century life in Nazareth Village. Stops at Mary’s well and the Church of the Annunciation to read the angel Gabriel’s visits to Joseph and Mary will conclude our day.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4: Sunday, Dec 9, 2018

Mount Precipice - Tel Dan - Caesarea Philippi - Hazor - Chorazin

This morning we will drive to the top of Mount Precipice for breathtaking views of the Jezreel Valley. Here we remember Jesus’ rejection in Nazareth (Luke 4) and visualize Deborah and Barak fighting the 900 Canaanite chariots at the mountain base (Judges 4). Mount Tabor is also a traditional site of the transfiguration of Christ (Luke 9). Just south we will read the New Testament miracle in Nain (Luke 7) and the Old Testament story in Endor (1 Samuel 28). Looking to the west is Ein Harod, where the Lord chose Gideon’s 300 (Judges 7), and Mount Gilboa, the tragic story of Saul and his sons (1 Samuel 31).  We travel to the northern border of Tel Dan and read of Abraham coming to rescue Lot (Genesis 14) and the misfortune of Israel’s king introducing his golden calves (1 Kings 12). This afternoon we will make stops at Banias Falls and the area of Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus asked His apostles, “Whom do men say that I . . .am?” On the Golan Heights is Mount Bental, where we will stop for a quick view of nearby Syria and Mount Hermon. Traveling south through the fertile plains of the Hula Valley, we pass the Canaanite city Hazor (Joshua 11) and stop to see the ruins in Chorazin (Luke 10) before turning east past the fishing village of Bethsaida (John 1), home to Peter and Andrew. We will then travel to our lodgings for the next 2 nights.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 5: Monday, Dec 10, 2018

Capernaum • St. Peter’s Primacy • Mount of Beatitudes • Magdala • Mount Arbel • Sea of Galilee Boat Ride

We begin our day in Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry and where He performed many miracles, taught parables, and delivered His “Bread of Life” sermon (John 6). We will stand on the shores at St. Peter’s Primacy, where Jesus appeared to His apostles after His resurrection (John 21), and on the Mount of Beatitudes to read the greatest sermon ever given. We continue on to Magdala, where a shrine is dedicated to the women in Jesus’ life. At Mount Arbel we get a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee and review the travels of the Savior here. We will take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee to discuss the miracles on the water (Mark 4). 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 6: Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018

Beth Shean - Shechem - Shiloh - Jordan River - Jericho

We say goodbye to the Galilee and travel to the impressive Roman ruins at Beth Shean.  Here we finish reading the tragic bible story of Saul and his sons (1 Samuel 31). We will enter the West Bank to drink from Jacob’s Well in Shechem. It was here Abraham built an altar (Genesis 12) and Jesus taught the Samaritan woman (John 4).  We next travel to Shiloh, the center for religious worship when the children of Israel entered the Promised Land and where the tabernacle stood for 369 years. Not far from here Hannah dedicated her son, Samuel, to the Lord (1 Samuel). Traveling to the Qasr el Yehud on the Jordan River, we will discuss Joshua leading the Israelites across in to the Promised Land (Joshua 3), Elijah dividing the waters and ascending in a chariot of fire (2 Kings 2), Naaman dipping himself seven times to be healed (2 Kings 5), and John baptizing the Son of God (Matthew 3). Before the sun sets, we enter Jericho, the “City of Palms” and oldest city on earth, to discuss Joshua and his famous battle, Elisha healing the waters (2 Kings 2), the temptations in the wilderness (Matthew 4), Zaechaeus in the sycamore tree (Luke 19), and Jesus healing blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10). Tonight we will stay in the beautiful Oasis Hotel in Jericho.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 7: Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Masada - Ein Gehi - Dead Sea - Qumran - Jerusalem

Driving south along the Dead Sea, we will take a cable car to the top of Masada. As we walk through the ruins of Herod’s fortress, we recall the catastrophic story of the Zealots’ last stand against the Romans.  Next are stops at Ein Gedi (1 Samuel 23), where David hid from Saul, and the Qumran Caves, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. We’ll welcome a float in the Dead Sea. Traveling on the highway to Jerusalem, we remember the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10). Our last stop today is in Bethany, home of Mary and Martha. We will walk down in to the tomb of Lazarus, where the Savior commanded, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11). Tonight we will check in to our hotel in Jerusalem for the remainder of our nights in Israel.  

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 8: Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

Jerusalem - Bethlehem - Old City - Holy Mount - Hezekiah Tunnel

This morning we enter the Old City through Dung Gate to experience the Holy Mount and Dome of the Rock, where Solomon’s and Herod’s temples once stood. We will travel south to Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity and birthplace of Jesus. On a short drive to Shepherds’ Field, we can almost see Ruth gleaning in the fields and the shepherds watching their flocks. We will read the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke as we ponder the miraculous birth of Jesus. This afternoon we will experience Judaism’s holiest place, the Western Wall. We will have time for lunch and shopping before we explore the ruins south of the Temple Mount and climb the ancient stairs from Jesus’ time. After a tour of the City of David, we will walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel and marvel at the engineering masterpiece that saved Jerusalem from total destruction (2 Chronicles 32). Outside the tunnel, we will discuss the healing miracle at the Pool of Siloam (John 9) before returning to our hotel for the night. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 9: Friday, Dec 14, 2018

Mount of Olives - Mount Zion - Gethsemane - Golgotha - Garden Tomb 

Today we reach the spiritual pinnacle and retrace the footsteps of the Savior during His last hours on earth. We begin at the top of the Mount of Olives to review the Triumphal Entry and events of the Savior’s last week. Walking down the mount, we arrive at Gethsemane to ponder the atonement of Christ and read the dedicatory prayers at the Orson Hyde Memorial Garden. Traveling to Mount Zion, we will stand where the Last Supper was shared at Jesus’ last Passover. Down the hill we enter the palace of Caiphas, where Jesus was tried at St. Peter’s in Gallicantu, the possible site of the cock’s crowing. Entering the walled city for the last time, we will stop at the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus commanded the impotent man to take up his bed and walk (John 5). We next stop at Antonia Fortress, where Pilate may have tried Jesus, and walk down the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We conclude our day at Golgotha, the place of the crucifixion, and the Garden Tomb, where we have time to ponder the resurrection and final triumph of Christ. In the evening we will have dinner together tonight. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 10: Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Mount  Nebo, Jordan - Madaba - Machaerus - Dead Sea

This morning we will travel east to the Allenby-King Hussein Bridge to cross the Israel border into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Our first stop is Mount Nebo, where Moses looked out to the Promised Land.  We will tour the new Memorial Church of Moses and admire the beautiful mosaics. Stopping next in Madaba, dubbed as the "City of Mosaics" we will discuss a sixth-century mosaiic map preserved on the floor of the Greek Orthodox Basilica of St. George.  This is considered the oldest surviving depiction of the Holy land.  In the afternoon, we will visit Machaerus, the traditional site where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. An early check-in to the Ramada hotel on the Dead Sea fir two nights will give us time to relax.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 11: Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Petra, Jordan

Today we drive the Old Testament King’s Highway through Moab and Edom to experience Petra, the newly voted “Wonder of the World.” In biblical times, Petra was the city of the Edomites, whose ancestor was Esau (2 Kings 14:7), twin of Jacob. The Edomites were displaced by the Nabataeans, who turned their sandstone capital into a red-rock oasis, controlling the trade routes from Arabia to Mesopotamia and Syria. We will walk down the narrow canyon to the breathtaking view of the Treasury, Petra’s most famous landmark, and experience some of the best ruins found anywhere in the world. You will have time for a camel or chariot ride as we explore the canyons, theatre, and temple. We will return to our Dead Sea hotel.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 12: Monday, Dec 17, 2018

Jerash - Amman

Our travel takes us north to visit Jerash, one of largest cities of the Decapolis and most complete ruins of any Greek–Roman city in the world. We will stop to see the Jabbok Brook, the brook Abraham may have followed as he entered into Israel. This is also the site where Jacob wrestled with the angel. Time permitting, we will drive to Amman for additional ancient sites and dinner before catching our flight home. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner
Day 13: Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018

International flight - U.S.A.

We will board our plane around midnight for our flight to the U.S.A., arriving in the morning—taking with us never-to-be-forgotten memories and friendships never to be forgotten and in time to share with family and friends this Christmas.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • 1 tour-bus experience for the whole tour!  No shuffling
  • LDS Travel Study tour Director on for the whole trip along with local guides
  • We include all admissions and sited listed on our itineraries, no hidden cost
  • We include all tipping for guides, drivers, hotels, restaurants where meals provided


  • Accommodations 4/5-star deluxe hotels
  • Meals as indicated in itinerary
  • Entrance fees and activities as specified in itinerary
  • Hotel porterage - 1 bag per person
  • Tips to local driver, Israeli guide, hotel and restaurant staffs
  • Whisper technology headsets to be used during tour
  • Experienced US guide traveling and Services of a bilingual licensed Israeli tour guide throughout tour
  • Transfers via deluxe air-conditioned motor coaches
  • Group Visa to Jordan
  • Destination study and informational books
  • Travel Document package (lanyard & name tags, baggage tags, draw sting back pack & document holder

Israel & Jordan Not Included:

  • Round-trip air from Salt Lake City on Delta Airlines - $1270.00 per person
  • Air from other cities
  • Sightseeing not included on the itinerary during free time
  • Additional hotel accommodations if needed
  • Items of a personal nature (e.g., phone calls, room service, internet, etc.)
  • Travel insurance starting as low as $35 (HIGHLY recommended)
  • Lunches
  • Single occupancy(for those with their own room)

Optional Pricing:

  • $50 cash discount for main tour
  • $3360 Single occupancy rate (for those with their own room) ASK about our Single Share programe

Payment Terms:

  • $500 per person due at the time of booking
  • Final payment is due 07 Sep 2018
  • This tour is based on 22 passengers traveling together to operate at the advertised price.